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Training Hour Credits Recently Approved for Upcoming Seminars

Application for Training Hour Credit Approval - word version click here / pdf version click here

From August 2015 it was confirmed that training hour credits would be approved in increments of 15 minutes with a minimum of 15 minutes for training which would allow awarding of 0.25 THC.

It was further determined that employer facilitated training be recorded by an appropriate employer/company officer with aggregated summaries (on the supplied reporting template) to be submitted quarfterly at least 10-days prior to each FSTT meeting for retrospective approval. Company aggregated summaries must be emailed to fiona@fstt.org.nz by the following dates:

23 October 2017 to be considered at FSTT meeting on 2 November 2017
5 March 2018 to be considered at FSTT meeting on 15 March 2018
4 June 2018 to be considered at FSTT meeting on 14 June 2018
13 August 2018 to be considered at FSTT meeting on 23 August 2018
31 October 2018 to be considered at FSTT meeting on 8 November 2018.

All other application for training hour credit approval must be submitted to FSTT prior to the training commencing as seminar applications will not be approved retrospectively.


History of Funeral Services Qualifications in New Zealand
To begin to understand our present funeral services qualifications we need to take a look at our history and the development of education and training arising from the need to provide a service to individual families, our community and nation..........(continued)

Today's Qualifications in Funeral Services
Training and education to achieve Funeral Service Industry qualifications is normally through full-time employment in the industry, combined with formal study. Formal training programmes are provided by WelTec.

There are currently two qualifications registered on the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) framework for Funeral Services, they are:

Entry Requirements
The nature of the work in Funeral Directing and Embalming means that the people employed in this field require a degree of maturity and must be certain that this career is for them. For this reason students must normally be at least 20 years of age before commencing the formal training programme.

Intending students must be employees of funeral/embalming companies and have at least one year's relevant employment in the industry before commencing the formal training programme. Normally for the National Diploma in Embalming, this will mean that they have had at least one year relevant experience in the practice of embalming.

There are no minimum academic entry requirements for either programme, but the applicants must demonstrate that they have a reasonable likelihood of success. This will be ascertained during the period of employment prior to enrolment on the formal training programme.

You can find the information on the courses directly from WelTec.


Introduction to Funeral Services Short Course

So you always wanted to be a funeral director or know more about funeral directing…..
The purpose of this short-course is to assist those with an interest in a career in funeral services gain an accurate understanding of the functions, responsibilities and expectations of the funeral profession prior to making a commitment to join it.

On completion of this course students receive an attendance certificate showing that they have:
1. Entry-level knowledge of funeral service functions, processes and responsibilities.
2. Understanding of the different roles of personnel within the funeral service profession.
3. Understanding of the expectations of the funeral industry in regard to the performance and professional conduct of its personnel.

If you have ever wondered if a career in the funeral services industry is for you this is the perfect short-course to attend.

Email fiona@fstt.org.nz if you would like further information.