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Industry Training Boards

In the 1971 Budget the Government gave its approval of the formation of the Industry Training Boards. The function of the training boards were the same as the VTC, but restricted to the particular industrial or commerial grouping.

In brief they were set up to ensure that training needs were identified and satisfied. The structure was, like the VTC, tripartite - representatives of employer, employee and appropriate government groups.

Funding in these early days was a mixture of Government and Industry. In the case of FSTC, New Zealand Embalmers Association (NZEA) and Funeral Directing Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) contributed equally with a larger percentage from government.


Industry Training Committee

Industry Training Committee is to all intents and purposes an Industry Training Board except that the Government Grant is half that for a normal Industry Training Board. The current level means that the Government funds available are approximately twice those previously available through the Group Scheme incentive. In addition the Committee may apply for Training Development Assistance on the same basis as an Industry Training Board.

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