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History of the Committee

In 1984 the FSTC was formally appointed as the Funeral Services Advisory Committee to the Central Institute of Technology (CIT).

Like most other things in life change takes place and training has been no exception. Towards the latter part of 1984 the Vocational Training Council was disbanded and government involvement on a formal basis was severed from the Funeral Service Training Committee. Government funding after a gradual reduction in the level of contributions received had been removed some time prior to this.

With this disbandment came new challenges and like new challenges ways of overcoming these had to be formulated.

In 1989 FSTC approached the member of FDANZ with a proposal for a training levy calculated on the number of Funerals directed in a year. This proposal was discussed at length and passed. This gave the Committee the support and strength to go forward and meet the ever-increasing challenges with a vigour that demonstrated to other agencies the commitment of the profession to formal and professional training.

It is worth remembering that the formation of this Committee was due entirely to the vision, input and dedication of a few very far-thinking persons who for the benefit of the whole profession progressed Funeral Service education to the formal professional level that exists today.

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