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FSTT Today

The Funeral Service Training Trust of New Zealand (FSTT) was the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the funeral industry in New Zealand until ITO's were phased out by the RoVE review in 2021. Ownership of the two qualifications was voluntarily signed over to the Toitu Te Waiora Workforce Development Council in September 2022.


FSTT was among the first to be accredited when ITOs were created in the early 1990’s. As an ITO, FSTT was responsible for overseeing the national qualifications in Funeral Services by registering unit standards on the national frame work and by arranging the delivery of the qualifications.


FSTT is also responsible for the ongoing training of funeral directors and embalmers in New Zealand. This task is mainly carried out though seminars run on behalf of different groups and the awarding of Training Hour Credits towards their funeral directing or embalming practising certificates.

While work of the Trust carried out over the last few years has been challenging, frustrating, interesting and rewarding, it is by no means over. The on-going responsibility of the Trust  brings with it a commitment to implement and review current and future training modules and programmes to reflect and meet the demands of industry and society.

The Trust will be wound up following its AGM on 15 June 2023.

What is a trust?

A “charitable trust” is any trust or society which exists exclusively or principally for charitable purposes entitling the trustees or society to become incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. The society or trust exists for the benefit of the community or section of the community ie it has a public element. A trust is run entirely by the trustees in accordance with the terms of the trust deed or constitution. The trustees may or may not be replaced every year depending on the terms of the trust deed or constitution.

The FSTT Trust Deed allows for no fewer than four or more than seven Trustees:

  1. One Trustee representing or nominated by FDANZ

  2. One Trustee representing or nominated by NZEA

  3. One Trustee representing the interests of Education

  4. Up to four further Trustees having regards to the need to maintain and appropriate balance of skills and experience on the Board.

Trustee term of office is for three years from date of appointment and Trustees are eligible to be reappointed unless they have already served four continuous terms in office as a Trustee. This does not prevent a person from being appointed as a Trustee if that person had stood down from the office as Trustee for at least one year.

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