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Funeral Directors and Embalmers will all times and under all circumstances:

  • Render service with fidelity observing the highest standards of truth, competence and dignity within the laws of our country.

  • Maintain in all matters the highest standard, professional and personal conduct, doing everything in their power to ensure a standard of conduct beyond reproach or criticism, respecting in all circumstances the confidentially and trust placed in them by reason for their function and calling.

  • Fully acknowledge their obligations to safeguard public health, and their mutual responsilbities for the proper welfare of the funeral profession.

  • Co-operate with the customs of all races, nationalities and creeds, preserving within the bounds of dignity, good taste and practacality, the right of personal choice and decision-making for the families they serve.

  • Always observe the respect due to the deceased with due regard to their ethnic origin and spiritual beliefs.

  • Share their knoweldge and skills with fellow professionals, support high educational standards, improve techniques, and maintain favourable personal relationships with their own and allied professions.

  • Abstain from any public announcement that may bring criticism to fellow funeral directors and/or embalmers, or disrepute to the profession in general.

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