John Schipper
Trustee and FSTT Chair
Fiona Gillespie

John Schipper started in the Industry in 1981, gained his embalming qualification with the class of 1985/86 at CIT. He then served on the Executive of the New Zealand Embalmers Association culminating in being President in 1993/95. In 2001, he gained his Funeral Directing qualification. He joined FSTT as the NZEA Rep in 2007 and is currently an independent Trustee serving as Chair. He became a Justice of the Peace in February 2018.

Fiona Gillespie was appointed Secretary of the Trust in 2003.

John Duncan
Tony Garing
Trustee, FDANZ

John Duncan has been a funeral director for his entire working life, having commenced in the industry in 1977. During his 41 years in the funeral profession, he has been actively involved with the Funeral Directors Association of NZ (FDANZ) in various capacities, ranging from Editor, Wellington District Secretary, Executive member, and President of the Association, to serving as one of the FDANZ representatives to FSTT in 2011, before becoming an independent trustee in 2017.

Tony Garing has been a funeral director since 1980. His first Year of appointment to the Trust was 2015, and he represents FDANZ.  Tony is responsible for strategic oversight and management of all InvoCare funeral and crematorium brands in the South Island.

Julia Hennessy
Trustee, Education
Kay Paku

Dr Julia Hennessy has been a Trustee since November 2017. She has a background in health and education. She is currently the President and Director of Research with Auckland Institute of Studies, prior to this she was Director Teaching and Learning with Wellington Institute of Technology. She has recently been appointed as the education representative for national moderation for FSTT. First year of appointment 2017.

Kay Paku has been a Trustee since November 2017.  An independent consultant with a background in funeral service and information technology, Kay is passionate about quality and standards, and believes in the value of ongoing education to promote continuous improvement in service delivery.

Mike Wolffram
Trustee, NZEA

Mike Wolffram has been a trustee representing NZEA since June 2019. Mike has a comprehensive career in funeral service, and is currently Learning and Development Partner with InvoCare NZ. Previously Mike has been Assistant Manager Lychgate Funerals; Tutor in Funeral Services, WelTec, Tutor in Diploma in Ceremony and Celebration, WelTec; Proprietor Wolffram's South Waikato Funeral Services; Partner, Grays, Rotorura Funeral Services; Social Worker Dept Social Welfare; Past President NZEA; Past President FDANZ; Leader,/Tutor NZ Funeral Services Peer Support Team; Team Leader Disaster Resposnse Team (ChCh).